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Essential Renovation Tools To Help With Your Renovation

Written By: Elena Tahora
Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Below are the essential renovation tools thatll help you with your next renovation project.

Tape Measure

For any do-it-yourself renovation project, youll need a tape measure or measuring tape. Measuring tapes have a small slot located at the end hook, so you dont need help in holding one end of the measuring tape in place.

However, this essential item is easily forgotten. Make tape measure your lifetime partner to ensure that you take dimensions of surfaces, corners, and edges accurately. Also, choose one with a switch that stops the measuring tape from retracting back.nbsp;


For most woodwork projects, a hammer is an essential tool that youll need for driving and pulling nails. While youre used to using traditional old-fashioned hammers, spend some time researching pro tools for efficiency and precision. Itll save you plenty of time because it gets nail work done more comfortably and faster.

Here are some of the features and benefits of a professional brad nailer:

Impressive Magazine Capacity: Most brad nailers have the 60-nail capacity, and there are those with 100-nail capacity.
LED Light: Its used to help you see and focus on your woodwork with a clearer vision
Air Pressure or Pneumatic Nail Guns: These nailers are portable enough that you can carry it anywhere and anytimenbsp;


Without a ladder, its impossible to reach wall heights you want to reach. A sturdy and >

The most popular type of ladders are aluminum ladders because theyre lightweight, water and flame resistant, affordable, and fairly corrosion-resistant. Just make sure that you have one with an attachment for your other renovation tools with manufactured rungs so that you stay comfortable as you stand on it for hours, like painting the cornices of your bedroom.nbsp;

Hand Saw

While power tools are fast efficient, using hand saws still makes a difference. It can be used for multiple purposes. Instead of an old-fashioned hand saw, you can use a modern hand saw, which is more durable and faster. So, when do you use hand saws over power tools?

Here are some examples:

Undercutting Door Jambs: Japanese pull saws are highly recommended for undercutting door jambs than jigsaws. It can cut on the pull stroke, which makes it easier to start cutting and control. A Japanese pull saw has super thin blades that make precise cuts in door jambs for easy insertion of tile or vinyl.

Rigid Foam Insulation: Power saws can mess the rigid foam. Thats why hand saws are better in making curved cuts to help minimize the mess.

Screwdriver Set

Steel screwdrivers resist twisting and bending, which are usually cross or flat head with a handle, a tip, and a shaft. A screwdriver is inserted into the screw head, turning it.

When using a screwdriver, make sure to use the correct type to avoid damaging the head of either the screwdriver, the screw, or both.nbsp;

Drill Bits

You cant proceed to your renovation project without drill bits, which are cutting tools for removing material to create holes, such as holes in circular cross-section. Drill bits drill different materials like metal, wood, PVC, and fiberglass.

Here are the different drill bit materials you can choose from:

High-Speed Steel HSS: Its a popular material thats suitable for drilling wood, plastic, and soft steel.
Cobalt or HSCO: Its an upgrade from HSS with 5 to 8 percent Cobalt blended in the base material, which is used for drilling stainless steel grades and harder steel.
Carbide: This drill bit material is used for drilling the hardest materials.


Pliers are used to firmly hold, bend, and compress objects with accurate precision. While there are many types of pliers used for different purposes, having a pair of pliers at hand is crucial for any renovation project.nbsp;

Spirit Level

This tool is used to show how perpendicular plumb or parallel level a surface is >


For a successful renovation project, its important to have handy tools available for easier and faster work. Both traditional and power tools have their own features and benefits, so you have to choose the best ones that are most convenient for you.

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